Meet Paige!

Hi! Welcome to The Style Paige the website I created to chat about style! Have you ever bought a something and just didn’t know what to wear it with? That’s what this site is for! Ask me you style questions via email (contact@thestylepaige.co) or DM me on Instagram. Other things you can expect to find here on the site: celebrity style hacks on a budget, wearing what’s already in your closet and loving it, worth mentioning products, small space big city living, and so much more! 

A Personal Note:

I moved to San Francisco from Oklahoma because my boyfriend got a job out here, which was perfect because I always wanted to move to a new city. So I packed up my favorite clothes and my cat a flew out here! Currently working at a 9-5 desk job in accounting to pay the bills as well as a part time job as a Stylist for StitchFix. One day I hope I can launch this site as a full time career as well as being a full time stylist (whatever that looks like). I got my bachelors degree in accounting and graduating I’ve had a few major life moments. Like having 3 cats?? Two I rescued and one of the rescued was preggers. So yeah that’s where the 3rd one came from.

BTW I can’t spell so if you see a spelling error don’t freak out.

Favorite things to do? Run. Cycle classes. Reading. Laying in the sun. Taking pictures of my cats.

I’ve worked at Madewell as a Stylist as well as just an associate for 4 years now. By far my favorite job I’ve ever had.

Word of Advice? Adopt Don’t Shop.

I”M A BEER AND VEGGIE GIRL. Great combo really. Check out the San Francisco tab for great breweries around SF.

Thanks for stopping by this site I created.